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Stargate: A Pairing A Day
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A Pairing a Day

Another day, another pairing. Each day a new Stargate pairing will be posted and you'll be free to have you wicked (or not so wicked) way with it. It may be slash, it may be het, it's all random. All you know for sure is that it will be a Stargate pairing, from either SG-1 or SGA.

There are no posting quotas for members. How much you participate is up to you. So is what you do with the pairings we give you: anything from simply commenting on the pairing to posting a drabble or epic, an icon or wall painting. The only rule is, when commenting to the pairing-post please provide a link to your work. We all want to enjoy your accomplishments, after all.

Credit to lea_hazel, who created the idea of PAD societies and everything.

And always remember to have fun!


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